ODMS workgroup mode helps users in much larger workflow environment

ODMS makes it easier for the entire dictation environment to be managed from one location.

Stanley Freeman, Technical Specialist in Olympus Professional Dictation solutions, loves sharing hints and tricks. Here’s January’s:

ODMS used in a workgroup mode installation will help users who are in a much larger workflow environment. By making use of the server-side management applications (License Manager and System Configuration Program), the entire dictation environment can be managed from one location. The administrator tools required to use workgroup mode are supplied separately on the ODMS Administrator CD. By utilizing a Multi License Key for each module, the Dictation and Transcription module can be managed centrally. The user settings can be configured and locked from the SCP so no users can change settings unless granted permission by the Administrator. Typically this installation mode would serve a large amount of users who transfer files to multiple servers or send files from multiple locations. Workgroup mode must also be utilized for Terminal Service and Citrix installations.