Centralize the management of ODMS with the System Configuration Program

The System Configuration Program provides acccuracy, ability for customized files and a more consistent workflow

Stanley Freeman, Technical Specialist in Olympus Professional Dictation solutions, loves sharing hints and tricks. Here’s April’s:

Did you know you can centralize the management of ODMS? The System Configuration Program is supplied with the Administrator CD as a component of the ODMS workgroup system for centrally managing ODMS users. Almost any aspect of ODMS can be configured from the SCP. Users and groups can be managed in larger numbers allowing for faster, easier configuration.

Software updates can be deployed to specific groups to assist with ensuring the reliability of the ODMS environment. The SCP also allows installation files to be customized so that even the software deployment is centrally managed.

Moreover, device and software settings can be locked so that organizations can implement a standard workflow for their dictation environment ensuring total consistency and accuracy. Additionally, the SCP now utilizes a repository service so that users only connect to the server, not to the repository folder. This feature allows access to the repository to be restricted without affecting the functionality of ODMS.